SSEXDOLL is based in China with subsidiaries in the UK, the US, and Germany. Our production factory is located in Guangdong China. The offices in the UK, US and Germany are mainly focusing on customers’ preference information collection, patent protection, and after sales service etc. We’ve have been in this business for more than 8 years. Our products have been sold to more than 100 countries, and very welcomed. Except for the previously mentioned countries are based with offices, we have also sent agents or found representatives in many other countries. It’s also welcomed if you’re interested to work with us to establish your business locally with our cooperation. Our products are made with the latest safe and environmental protection material TPE, and with our improving technology, the new version of products is more delicate and better feel on touching and smell. The elasticity of the material is much better, so the products are closer to human skin or even better. The products are produced with materials satisfying regulations of FDA, EFSA standard, have also passed accordingly environmental protection regulations.

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SSEXDOLL has always been dedicated to use experience and quality improving of the silicon toys and models. Not only to produce the products, we’re also trying our best to dig in what’s the best feels can the model give to our users. In such a case, our engineers, sculptors, makeup artists and every one made their effort in these products is trying her/his best effort to give an improvement to have the work improved to give the users a better use experience.

Except for the investment in production line upgrade, the company has arranged a large portion of investment in artificial intelligence and mechanical skeleton improving for better quality products.

To redefine the silicone doll, they’re not just adults’ toy for sex, they’re also company in life for men in real life. They’re representatives for better dreams and beauties. Our mission is to produce better quality and performance products for the improvements of our products users’ life quality. To achieve this goal, quality control and products improvement is our main job in business.

The variety of our product line is our core competitiveness in this business. The doll performance improvements to perfection is our main purpose, thus we can expand our market and give better service to customers, then we can cooperate with more customers.