Q1: How many times should I wash the black clothes worn by the sexy real sex doll?
Soak the detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water is colored. Additionally can do dye test with cent body, reach water to do not have color commonly, won't dye, nevertheless the washing powder water that a new clothes should wash bubble has no color, that is not washed 5-6 times can fix.

Q2: Will the white cloth let the sexy reall sex doll dye?
White won't dye, chromatic just can dye, and general chromatic hold on the body calorific, just can dye arrive on the body.

Q3: Do sexy real sex dolls dye easily?
Generally speaking, the clothes themselves will not be dyed if they are not dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear anti-dyeing underclothes or wear light colors.

Q4: About sexy real sex dolls, dyeing dark clothes?
At ordinary times still do not want to wear brunet clothes for a long time, doll can light it does not matter, underwear proposal or prepare white is better.

Q5: Don't you have to worry about it if you wear a sweater? Can clothes be worn for a long time? Still have when the dress is washed do not lose color to won't dye namely, even if be brunet also can wear all the time? And it will fade, it will stain, right?
Point of general insurance, the white wet cloth that the dress buys to come back to use lukewarm is wiped forcibly, want to have a little color only, be about to wash to wear again or cannot wear for a long time. If you can guarantee to cover the whole body of the sexy sex doll, it will be no problem. Be careful, dyeing is extremely painful. Even if do not fade the look also do not wear, not afraid of ten thousand afraid in case, especially the knee and the butt that often rub the most easily stained place.

Q6: How to care for wigs?
You can use shampoo and then apply some conditioner to make it smoother.

Q7: How do I beat the flour? Finished? Just put it there?
The whole body. You can put it in a box or on a bed.

Q8: What is suitable for cosmetics?
Real people. Anything. It's not very demanding.

Q9: Can the sexy real love doll produce oil? What kind of material is not available?
It's all going to oil. The degree is different. Frequent powder, habit is good.

Q10: Do you have to change positions?
Well, sit back and forth, lie down, change positions, watch out for butt distortion.

Q11: Put sofa can not change a posture how to prevent butt deformation?
Get a cushion. Try buttocks.

Q12: Can I put my suitcase?
Best not, can't let doll curl up for a long time.

Q13: Is there water inside the sexy sex doll?
No, because they're all made of solid silicone and don't need to worry about water. Just be careful not to get water in your neck. It's all metal skeleton for a while. Metal meets water, you know.

Q14: How do I move my sexy real sex doll?
It is best to move the sexy sex doll on a chair with wheels to avoid getting hurt or falling over it. Of course, you can also take the back or carry the way, but be careful not to scratch the doll. When you're working with the sexy real love doll, use an auxiliary tool or a pillow to hold it in place. Crack when the joint, had better be to use two hands to fasten at corresponding joint both ends, move again next, slow move, must not unconventional twist fold joint. Also be careful not to pull the realistic sex doll violently to avoid joint damage.

They are black sexy sex dolls: