Q1: Do realistic sex dolls dye when they wear wigs?
Buy from normal sexy sex doll manufacturer directly or buy the wig quality that sexy love doll matches together to have safeguard commonly, won't dye, the need that buys outside is careful attention.

Q2: Sexy real love dolls put in the box, how often to powder?
Doll had better a month dozen pink, if give oil more words meeting agglutinate, troublesome by then.

Q3: Sexy real sex doll how wash hair, tear down bubble water rub or buy a ball to hang up the hair wash? Is it dry or blow dry after washing?
Take apart the hair of the sexy real sex doll and rub it with shampoo in the bubble water. Then rinse off the foam with water, then mix the bubbles with conditioner or conditioner for half an hour and remove. Air dry, blow if desired, but half dry. Hardly any trouble.

Q4: Is the color paste also corrosive after adult sex doll dyeing?
Go lubricious cream can have slight causticity to baby, need not so easily, dye cannot remedy badly reoccupy.

Q5: Is there any effect for large area dyeing of buttocks? How far can it recover?
Effective, generally can be intact.

Q6: How long does a well-maintained real love doll last?
Normally about 3-5 years.

Q7: Can the sexy real sex doll be stressed in one place for a long time? Does sitting hurt?
Don't stay in one position for too long. Change positions for three days, five days, side to side, flat, etc.

Q8: How to deal with the indentation of the sexy real sex doll?
Apply with hot blisters or hot towels.

Q9: How should the baby be rubbed with olive oil? Just apply it and wash it?
Rub with olive oil and rinse off with water.

Q10: Olive oil is edible olive oil?
Olive oil is usually used for skin care.

Q11: How to clean it with fu-yan jie?
Add water, then take the lifelike sex doll equipped with a private washing machine suction, and then spray into it.

Q12: Can the full-size love doll stand?
Sexy real love dolls with three screws at the bottom of their feet can stand.

Q13: Baby ankle bend much, how does the skin crease fold to do?
The full-size love doll is made of soft TPE material. After a long time of unnatural twists and turns or pressing on the part of the doll, wrinkles or indentation will appear. This is a normal situation.

Q14: Can the waist of the TPE sex doll be bent? How to pose?
The TPE sexy love doll of 125cm has waist joint (can bend forward, cannot bend backward, can turn about) new baby joint can be tighter, run in period of time, good.
Waist use: press both sides of the shoulder, can turn; Lay the adult sex doll flat and press the button with your foot or one hand. Then grab the shoulder and lift it up. (please ask customer service for video)

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