Adult sex love dolls, like real people, can also use makeup to improve their appearance.

There was a big purge today,
Clean her up except for her eyebrows,
Let her experience a comfortable and dry night
In the past, I used to adjust or change the eye Angle for TPE dolls.
It's a big job, because it's going to destroy the makeup around the eyes,
You even break your eyelashes...
Therefore, this opportunity is rare, we must make a good choice... .
Or the next time I don't know when...

Here are the green, blue, and brown eyes...

Rest a night, take advantage of today's holiday, hurriedly help her to put back... Because girls are really afraid to go out without makeup!
1. powder and a very light undereye shadow

2. Add eye shadow

3. finish the lower lash line and the shadow around your eyes.

4. Put on very light blush (so it looks like the previous one is almost coax... But it's more bloody and three-dimensional.)

5. Lipstick on the picture, and my own secret painting method to make the doll more beautiful

6. affix eyelash, temporarily complete it (a little want to add affix eyelash below, regrettably at hand have no... ) ~

Later, after putting the soul stone on the doll's forehead, sister Aphrodite woke up.~

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