The realistic sex doll is a highly life-like sex tool with the following characteristics:

1. The skin color of the real doll is bright and delicate, close to the real person, and the feel is closer to the real skin. The inside of the sexy sex doll is not inflated but solid, mostly made of non-toxic, odorless silicone. Today's sexy real sex dolls have very high levels of realistic skin, non-toxic, tasteless, layered, durable and almost life-like. The sex doll is also dustproof and easy to clean. And the inflatable doll is inflatable inside, far from realistic, texture and appearance and children's pleasant goat inflatable toy is very close.

2. The joints of the sex doll are made of polymer composite resin and have mechanical supports inside, which allows it to change all kinds of sexual positions you want, so that you can have a more comfortable experience during sex. You can play with a real life sex doll any way you want, and you can treat it like a sexy, charming, beautiful and thoughtful little lover.

3. At present, all the sexy love dolls are designed with automatic heating, which can heat the vagina and chest to the temperature of 37℃ similar to the body temperature of the real person, making it more close to the real person.

4. In order to make the real doll feel closer to real people, there is a vibration sensor in the lower abdomen of the real doll, which can fully feel your body language. It is equipped with a sound chip, which will make corresponding passionate sounds according to the frequency and amplitude of your movements.

Adult sexy sex doll now do more and more beautiful beauty, more and more tempting, the details are also getting better and better, there are pure angel face plus devil figure entity doll, with blurred eyes send out a weird aesthetic temptation of the entity doll. Summed up the current entity doll types can be roughly divided into: pure type, girl type, queen type, wild type, cute adorable type, mature female type and so on.

She is a popular sexy sex love doll Sarah