The reason why the sexy real sex doll is dyed is that the oil dissolves the fuel on the clothes and penetrates into the sexy sex doll material after the sexy real love doll is produced. Generally speaking, the severity of dyeing condition of the realistic sex doll = how much dye is used * time of contact * pressure of contact.

The amount of dye is generally related to the old and new clothing, clothing dyeing materials. The older the item, the more times you wash it, the less material will be left on it, so the older the item, the less likely it is to stain. The lighter the color, the less soluble the dye, and the less likely it is to stain. The more expensive the garment, the less likely it is that the material used to dye it will be dissolved in the doll's oil, and the less likely it is to dye it.

The amount of time the realistic TPE doll spends in contact with the clothing is also proportional to the severity of the dyeing situation, so remove clothing that is at risk of dyeing immediately after the photo is taken.

The pressure between the real sex doll and the contact clothing is also proportional to the dyeing condition. For example, if the same light, dark garment is draped over the silicone sex dolls and placed under the doll's bottom to allow the sexy love doll to sit, the same amount of time must be spent in the area where the bottom is pressed, which is heavily stained.

Doll dyeing is a physical diffusion process of color particles. Note the key points mentioned above to avoid staining:
1. Wear old clothes as much as possible;
2. new clothes to buy good quality, taobao 10 yuan free mail that is the worst dyeing disaster;
3, if there are no old clothes, economic situation does not allow to buy too expensive clothes, then the new clothes please use washing clothes or laundry detergent to wash 5~8 times, if the bubble out of the water has no obvious color, then you can consider to change the sex doll.
4. Try not to let the clothes get caught up in the weight of the doll.
5. Change clothes that are at risk of dyeing immediately after being photographed to reduce contact time.
6, consider giving the doll a jumpsuit to isolate the outer clothing. Or use a light-colored cloth or dining room paper where the clothing is pressed against the skin. For example, dark pajamas usually have contraction bands in the chest, where the pressure is much higher than in other areas, and they are particularly easy to dye. At this time, you can put a white handkerchief or restaurant paper inside.

If you sleep with a sexy real love doll in your arms, be aware that your sheets, bedding, and pajamas are easy to dye.

I would like to add that the oil release from the doll is an irreversible physical process. In addition to the relationship between the amount of oil release and the material formula of the doll, the storage temperature of the doll is the key factor. Too high or too low temperature will accelerate the oil release process of the doll. The simple way of handling is to beat powder to the doll in advance, one is to feel good, two is to wear clothes convenient, three is when the doll out of oil, oil will be absorbed and neutralized by talcum powder.