Everyone cherishes their sexy real sex doll, but we all know that the skin of the real love doll is made of silicone material, which is very soft. If not used properly, it is easy to tear and wrinkle. Therefore, dear friends should not use sharp objects to touch the surface of silica gel in daily use, so as not to cut the silica gel. Once the incision is made, it will tear and cause complete damage.

If the surface of the sexy real sex doll is damaged, first look at the damage situation, if it is a small area of damage, you can use the silicone repair agent when you buy the full size sex doll to repair by yourself, if the repair agent is out of use or expired can contact the sales business to buy another, generally will provide. When repairing the sexy real sex doll, please clean the damaged part first, apply silicone repair agent after it is completely dry, then close the damaged part and fix the wound with adhesive tape. After the repair agent is dried and solidified, the tape can be torn off, so that the damaged part can be repaired. But because silicone belongs to no plastic material, in the repair, will leave a bond scar, which is inevitable, also hope baby friends know.

For some of the more serious damage, can not repair their own doll, dear friends can contact manufacturers or sales manufacturers to identify.

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