Cancellation and Refund

Customized dolls are not accepted for cancellation for any reasons, SALE IS FINAL. If the order has been shipped out, the shipping company can not stop the order as well. On exceptional occasions the package may be returned, and the buyer will be responsible for the shipping cost prepaid.

The dolls sold on this website are all produced applying specific customer’ request and options, for the characteristic of such customized products, when you place your order, we will take these terms are mutually understood and accepted.

The order payment is confirmed will be the time of order placed confirmation time. From that time starts the order can be cancelled within twenty-four (24) Hours. The buyer’s payment will be refunded back to the original payment method minus the processing and transaction fee as long as the order is placed and processed. Different payment method may be used, the processing and transaction fee won’t be more than 20% of the original payment. Except for the listed conditions, the following terms apply to the cancelation terms:

  1. The doll/dolls is/are produced following your specific preference. After 24 hours, the production process can not be stopped anymore, and so we cannot accept cancellation in this time for any reasons.
  2. The buyer will receive confirmation email after the order is done of payment, in case the buyer confirms all detail of the order is correct. On receival of this confirmation, the factory will receive all detail of the doll and start producing the doll. If the buyer request change upgrade the order, please reach out to the customers service asap as well, because we cannot give promise after 24 hours of whether the factory can still make changes to the product.
  3. On exceptional occasions the order can be cancelled after the 24 hours’ time frame. And the buyer in such case will have to be responsible for the processing fee and restocking fee, as for as soon as the order is confirmed, the order has been processed, the total percentage of the fee is 20% of the payment charged. And the refund can only be sent back to the original payment method, can not change the refund method.
  4. Except for this processing and transaction fee, the money transferring company may charge an amount of fee, as for this charge is not within control on our end, we can only check but cannot process anymore refund.