Privacy Policy


All user personal information used to place your order or written down, or data input during transactions are transmitted through a secured sever. All such personal information will be handled with care and kept with security of classified standard. Personal identifications information collected or left on our server, either will be used physical or electronic will be taken with administrative authorization steps for security and accuracy reasons. Information on our server can be approached following authorization classifications to guard against physical or electronic access to our database server. There is also passport protection of our security system to guard against unauthorized access. Encryption technology system like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used on our website to prevent information leak in transport. All the information like your name, address, credit card information is totally encrypted in transitions. Besides, the Customers Care Center and office are also working in a secure network. Please be noted that, email contact is being protected via the email server provider, not within protection of our website, and is not encrypted, so please do not take this method to be a secured method to give your personal information or credit information out.


To provide our customers quality products and good service is our main goal in this business, so mutual understanding is acceptable. We will use the information collected in the ordering process and happen during inquiry to satisfy this service. Your privacy will be well respected considering the nature of our products, we will handle our product with care as well. Besides, all the personal information will be handled with security and care. This privacy policy is posted to specify our information collection practice and how your information may be collected by our system. As for the technology is improving fast, this private policy may change with time, so It’s welcomed to check this policy before or after registered with us or get to our website for better understanding of this policy.


Basically, there will be no personal information left to us if your action on our website is only check on different pages. In case that there is information on our website in need of some authorization or higher level of access, there may be the need of your registering or activities like this to get into the system. Only participation of activities of our website or using some other feature may request more information of yourself.

The information like your browsing history, your chat with our representative, if you register with us, your email address, your cell phone #, account information will all be kept on our server. If you will place order with us, there will be your address, id information, cell phone number be requested and recorded. In case there is the need to pay with your credit card or payment account, such information may be kept with us as well.

In case that you’re using our service, or participate in our surveys, promotions, or activities in need of your personal information, your age, interest or personal aesthetic preference may be all collected. In the processing of ordering from us, your attitude to the products and information like this will be collected as well.

Besides the previous information mentioned, the information like your log data, IP address, and such general information will be automatically recorded on our server, this may be deleted following a timely manner. This information is all collected for the purpose to improve our website design, product arrangement, customer service etc.


The information collected are used in such purposes:

  1. The need to complete a transaction
  2. The need to satisfy the requested service
  3. The need of offering catalogs or other information requested
  4. The need to verify your product or service preference, or supplying you more information of products fitting your preference
  5. The need to improve our customer service, merchandise selection and other shopping experience


The ssexdoll Group: All the previously mentioned information collected may be shared with ssexdoll all entities, including the webstore, local office, this is for the purpose of providing better service to customers.

Service Providers: The personal information collected by us will be shared with outside companies who will provide service to satisfy your order. Or there are such scenarios: We may work with another company to 1. Arrange or categorize customers information;2 There may be emails service assistance.3. We may need assistance on marketing program. In such cases, there will be privacy policies agreement signed with such companies, and will also allow their using information to satisfy their obligation and service only.

Other Companies: The information provided to cooperative companies will be experience strict inspection to be interest of customers left the information here.

Business Transitions: In case of company merge or such activities, there will be part of all customer information transmitted to another company or become another company, the taking over company will keep the information customers previously left, and keep the promised service, or after service for customers’ protection. In case there will be interference of information with another company, there will be needs following the previous terms mentioned with other companies. In case part of the ssexdoll company asset is bought by another company, there is the possibility that part of information will be transmitted in that case customers will get service from the buying company.

Compliance with Law: In case that there is request on information from law enforcement departments or, on confirmation of the identity of the requesting department and usage of the information, as long as there is no obvious misuse of the information, it will be provided to them with the notification sent to you.

Ssexdoll cooperative companies and advertising companies may collect information anonymously about your visit to our website. This technology gets third party companies use the data collected cookies and thus deliver personalized advertisement to other websites or cooperative platform for enhancing online marketing to you based on your interests and preferences.


The “cookie” file is a date file recording your browsing history on your electronic device, cell phone computer and pads etc. It allows us to recognize yourself (If you’ve been here, but not yourself in person) once you’re back to our website, and you may also automatically log in our website if you’ve registered with us and seeing your information previously provided. All the customers’ information is stored on a secured server. The “web beacon”, “pixel tag” and “clear git” is the kind of a one-pixel image, this is used to transmit information from your computer or other device to the website server.


The cookies and web beacons are used to keep record of what you may like and add to your shopping card, and the time you’re back to the website. The page that has been clicked on every time you’re back will be recorded in there as well for better knowing your preference and choice on the products. The website design, images arrangements, customer service and other promotions to our service to you can all be improved via the collection of these information and analysis. The cookies and web beacons can be easily shut down of your free will on your computer browser software. In case that the cookies and such functions are shut down on the browser, there may be affected partly of the website functions as well, only some basic functions may be operating after the cookies or so are shut down. There are also web beacons, and other similar technologies used to help tracking the communication between us are correctly transmitted to each other. These methods are all used to ensure effective, precise and useful communication between us for better service provided to potential or existing customers.

There may also third parties get reach of the information in the cookies or web beacons, they may use such information to provide service such as credit card data transfer, shipping, promotion programs, data arrangement, etc. They are categorized to be Customer Care Partners, there is privacy policies between then and our website on information protection regulations on your behalf.


You can place your order with registered or not registered. The registered customers need only to record your shipping address and billing information to us once only, the system can record the information, unless it changes afterwards, there is no need of second time input. Such information is encrypted and stored on our database for future use, and can be easily deleted by yourself at your free will. The account you’ve founded with our website will be automatically recorded, and our website or our representatives will not contact you for any information other than shipping address confirmation or product detail confirmation, except information confirmation like this, all the other inquires for personal information or bank account information please be aware of those contact.

In case that you’re log in your account on a public computer, it’s high suggested that you LOG OUT the account after the operation of your account is completed. As long as the account is logged out, your information will be stored with our server only, will not be stored on the computer used.


There will promotional emails sent from us, unless you would refuse the promotion emails sent to you. If you’re not interested in keeping on checking what’s new from or its subsidiaries, please feel free to click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email sent to you. After confirmation of your email for subscription there will be 12-24 hours for our representatives to have your email removed from our advertising list.


Your reviewing or registering with this website will be taken as your agreement on this Privacy Policy in acquiescence.


Any questions or inquiry on products welcome to contact us:

Phone: 6266179300

Email: [email protected]