Silicone vs TPE Realistic Sex Dolls

Many customers have this question in mind, what’s the difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls? And questions like, what material may be better of the dolls? Which material doll should be the better choice? To answer this question, please refer to the following content. The silicone was used to make dolls for the reason that silicone material can make the dolls look more realistic and touches like real people. But there is a problem that, the silicone used to make safe and quality dolls need to be medical grade, which is a very expensive material, not most of the potential users can afford this. After years of trail and experiments, the Chinese manufacturer has found another material to make dolls, which is the same feel on touch, look, durable quality and safe to health. The dolls maintain the realism and grade, which is the reason why most of the manufacturers have turned to this TPE material.

What is TPE?

TPE is a kind of processed thermoplastic rubber, it is a physical mix of polymeric substance, with precise component ratio and procedure environmental control the TPE is made good at being thermoplastic and elastomeric properties.

TPE is used widely in daily products at home, because it’s property of being easily injected and molded in places used to be used of rubber. And no big difference on flexibility, molding ability, soft texture, and to the similar price which is much more affordable than silicone. For all these merits, TPE is much better a material to be used to make affordable realistic sex dolls.


Advantage of TPE Doll:

Improved quality/price ratio. TPE dolls is much lower price compared to silicon dolls, and the quality stays the same, appearance is also realistic like the silicone doll. TPE works better on flexibility, squeeze ability and softness, this allows doll users make the dolls giving more postures in regular use.

It works better on retaining warmth, but keep the temperature within comfortable range other than over heat.

The TPE material is much better at Hypoallergenic and deodorant this is very good for safe and regular use.

Disadvantage of TPE Doll:

This material may get stains easier than the silicone.

As a kind of porous material, it’s harder to have it sterilized or cleansed.

And it’s harder to be controlled of composing environment, different manufactures may give totally different quality, flexibility, thickness product with the same material.

For the listed reasons, it’s very important for you to choose a good seller to get TPE dolls from. And as for we’ve been in this business for years, and we’ve chosen the best TPE manufacturers to work with, backing with thousands of great reviews you people should be very confident to cooperate with us.






What is Silicone?

I’s made of mixture of silicon polymer, carbon hydrogen and oxygen. As for silicone is very durable in use, and easy to be cleaned, it will not degrade in exposure of petroleum-based lubricants, it’s a very good material to be used to make soft sex toys. Thus, the sex doll industry has been using this material for a long time.

The formula for sex dolls of silicone has been tested and studied for many years, so the material for this has been improved to very reasonable balance of softness and firmness. Besides, the silicone is a hot resistance material, people can add heat system to the sex dolls, and the material can be good at temperature retaining, this is also a good add up for this material.

Advantage of silicone doll:

The function parts of the sex dolls like vagina, anus is very realistic.

With the integrated heat system, doll users can get better experience with this material doll.

As for silicone is the non-porous material, it’s much easier to have it cleansed or sterilized. The same reason it can be better at water resistance and stains.

Silicone is also good at hypoallergenic purposes.

Disadvantage of silicone doll:

The price of the same size doll is much higher than other material productions.

Some users told the silicone material is a little sticky, so they used baby powder on the doll to prevent uncomfortable feelings.

The silicone is also firmer than the TPE material, which makes the doll looks less active.




After getting such information you may get more confused of what kind of doll you should take as the two materials are of similar quality and properties. Usually if our customers have no specific preference on material, it’s highly recommended that you should take a head and body within your budget. And leave the rest chores with us, we will help to have your dreamed doll sent to be your good life mate.